Camp Blanding Museum: A Fascinating Look at Military History in Jacksonville, FL

If you’re looking for an exciting and educational activity to do in Jacksonville, FL, Camp Blanding Museum is a great option. This museum is home to fascinating exhibits that offer a look at military history in the area. Camp Blanding was initially a training ground for soldiers during World War II. Today, the museum honors that legacy with exhibits on everything from weapons and armor to vehicles and uniforms. If you’re interested in military history, Camp Blanding Museum is worth a visit! Information can be found here.

Camp Blanding Museum is a fascinating place to learn about military history in Jacksonville, FL. The museum has various exhibits that tell the story of Camp Blanding and its role in American history. The museum is also home to several artifacts that are significant to the camp’s history. If you are interested in learning about Camp Blanding or military history in general, this is the place for you. I highly recommend checking it out! Thanks for reading! Camp Blanding Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 09:00-16:00 EST. Admission is free for all visitors. Hope to see you there! See here for information about Lonnie C. Miller Sr. Regional Park in Jacksonville, FL: A Fun and Relaxing Place to Spend the Day.