Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens: A Must-See Attraction in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is an excellent destination for families with something for everyone. The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is a must-see attraction in Jacksonville, Florida. The zoo has over 2000 animals representing 400 species and houses over 200 acres of land. Here are some reasons why Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens should be at the top of your list regarding things to do in Jacksonville, FL. Learn more here.

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is AZA-accredited and a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). One of the most popular attractions at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is the River Safari Ride. This ride takes you through four different ecosystems found in Florida: fresh water, salt water, swamp, and dry land. On this safari ride, you’ll see alligators, crocodiles, turtles, fish, birds, and mammals. Another popular attraction is the Range of the Jaguar Exhibit. This exhibit is home to six jaguars and other animals such as ocelots, agoutis, and tamarins. The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens also has an excellent education program. Learn more about Camp Blanding Museum: A Fascinating Look at Military History in Jacksonville, FL.